What is iReconcileSync?

iReconcileSync is the synchronization service that enables you to share data. It’s completely optional, and the app functions 100% without it. However, if you have multiple devices, or if you want to share your data with another person, you can enable the iReconcileSync service, and your data is automatically synchronized between devices.

More information about the iReconcileSync service can be found on the features pages (see link below).

More Info
View more information about the iReconcileSync service in the features page.
Will iReconcileSync allow me to sync my data with other applications?

No. iReconcileSync is used to synchronize data within iReconcile only. You can use the Export feature of iReconcile to export your data to CSV or QIF formats to be used by other applications.

How do I start using the iReconcileSync services?

To use the services, you need to run iReconcile in “Online” mode. If you are running in “Disconnected” mode, iReconcile does not use the sync services.

When you first run iReconcile, you will be taken through a setup wizard, which allows you to specify which mode you want to run in. You can also setup your iReconcileSync account right in the wizard.

You can also switch between modes. When switching from Online to Disconnected, your data will remain on your device. When switching from Disconnected to Online, you will have the option to move your data up to the iReconcileSync services (replacing any exising data there).

I want to sync my data with another person. What are my setup options?

To synchronize with another person, you have 2 options.

  1. Same iReconcileSync account: If you both use the same iReconcileSync account, all your iReconcile data will be shared and synchronized. With 1 iReconcileSync account, you can sync as many devices as you want.
  2. Different iReconcileSync accounts: With different accounts, you can “share” only specific accounts to specific users. This allows you to keep your data private except for what you decide to share.
The bottom of the screen says “Sync Failed” - what should I do?
Synchronization can fail for one of several reasons, such as an expired subscription, or an invalid username/password. To see exactly what the problem is, you can expand the “sync drawer” at the bottom of the screen. To do this, press the bottom-left button. Once expanded, a message will reveal the reason why sync failed.